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SALT was a new property agent training company that wanted to explore delivering learning online.

Training companies were mostly offline in 2019. The founder of SALT Private Limited, Sam Gian, had an epiphany to start an online school for property agents. The idea was to mix offline and online asynchronous learning to allow them to revise exam topics from the comfort of their home.

Talking about great timing, the website was officially launched in April 2020, just when the full effects of COVID were starting to be felt around the world. Having an online presence allowed SALT Private Limited to engage with their students and property agents. Offline learnings were converted to synchronous learning on Zoom and the customer journey was mostly managed via the website and email marketing automation.

A Customer Relationship Management System was also integrated, to allow subsequent engagements via email. FaceBook digital marketing campaigns were also launched to bring traffic to the website.


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